Feb 5, 2013

Open/Start Computer by Mouse or Keyboard.

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Sometimes we face a problem that our Computer's power button is not working. For this reason we go for repair our PC and lose some money for repair. But if you don't want to repair just use alternative way then you can open your PC by alternative way. Or you want that no one can open your PC then you also can use alternative way. The alternative way is Mouse and Keyboard. You can use Mouse or Keyboard for start/open you PC.
How to use this just going to explain. This is so easy process to set alternative way. Here you have to edit BIOS setup. First start or restart your PC. When starting you have to press Del button from keyboard. Some computer have to press F2 button. Then it will go for BIOS setup page. Now select Power Management Setup by using keyboard arrow and press Enter. Here you will get two option (i) Power on by mouse (ii) Power on by keyboard. Select any one which way you want to open your PC by Mouse or Keyboard. If you want to use Mouse then select double click or right click on the right side of "Power on by mouse" option. If want to use keyboard then select password from the right side of "Power on by keyboard" option. Now bellow from the right of "KB power on password" type password and again type same password to confirm. When you give password that time select any key for open your PC by pressing that key. And save your changing BIOS setup (Press F10) and it's done. Or if you don't find out this then some other PC have another setup system. After enter Power Management Setup you have to go bellow at the last option wake up Event setup. Enter here and select an option Resume from S3 by PS/2 Keybo and another option Resume from S3 by PS/2 Mouse. Select you desire one set the key or mouse and save this change by pressing F10. Now You can open your PC by pressing your selected key from Keyboard or double click/right click by Mouse. If it's not working then do it again same way. When you want that no one can open your PC then just disconnect the cable of keyboard or mouse. If this content is helpful then you can tell us by comment.

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